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EA Harwik
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Tales by Erin

Tales by Erin
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Tales by Erin (Audio)
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A collection of short stories
-- to capture a mix of emotions -- ISBN 9780980677614
Miss Fruitcake's Apple Blossom
A C4 on the BW
Growing Pains
A Passing Moment
A Further Moment
Warrior Chick
The Last Page
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Miss Fruitcake's Apple Blossom:
A young man writes an essay based on the words of an old lady in a nursing home.

We live in a violent society. This scene is played out more often than most care to think.

A C4 on the BW:
A young lady is forced to reflect on the changes suddenly confronting her life.

Growing Pains:
A story about being different, living with fear and release.

A Passing Moment:
A chance meeting between two girls, that would normally lead to friendship, fosters a lifetime of hope.

A Further Moment:
Long standing hope quietly fostered in two women finds the moment to develop a friendship.

Warrior Chick:
A snapshot from the diary of a female pilot serving in Afghanistan.

The Last Page:
I man without hope and everything to live for chooses to make a difference.